We are some of the most hated geeks on the planet because we tell it like it is. No sugar coating, just the facts. One fact that cannot be overlooked is the millions of people that are harmed each year by data theft and the lack of concern in the digital security industry.

We recommend you start by doing your own simple assessment.

 1) Has your company's digital security ever been compromised?
 2) Does your data host take just anyone as a client. ie strangers on your network?
 3) Are they required to tell you of a security breach?
 4) Do they post their help files for the world to see?
 5) Did they give you a security assessment that they can stand behind?
 6) Do you carry the insurance and/or risk for their incompetence by lengthy contracts.
 7) Is your IT budget stretched to the breaking point?
 8) Does everyone that has access to your network have proper training to spot problems?
 9) Do you loose sleep at night wondering about your in-house digital security.
10) Do hackers really work weekends and holidays?

If you were concerned about any of the questions above or lack of answers you think you have, then you may need help. Since our solutions based security network is not open to everyone we ask that you contact us for further discussions about your concerns.

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